Eating Our Veggies

RantingIn a positive way

Some of you may recall an early posting about joining a new CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  Well, we got our first weekly share today and oh, what a bounty of beautiful vegetables! It made me happy that we’re splitting our weekly share with a friend.

Here’s what we got.

Lovely, crisp leaf lettuce, spring onions, leafy green spinach, crunchy cauliflower, crisp Chinese cabbage, plump sugar peas, and radishes so  fresh they practically glow. Plus a little newsletter in my email with what sounds like a great recipe for the Chinese cabbage. Yum!

Now, the challenge. Can we eat it all before we get the next delivery. I’m committed to trying!

Note: I just went back to verify the blog of my CSA and there was a comment saying I couldn’t wait to taste the fresh green onions and spinach. I love it when small wishes come true, don’t you?

Here’s the blog, in case you want to check it out.

It’s too late to sign up for most CSAs but you can still choose  to buy as much food locally as possible. It will literally help save the world by reducing the amount of energy used to transport it to your table. You’ll know where it comes from and how fresh it is. And you’ll support the local economy and family farms in your area.  (Over 90% of the farms in my state are family-owned which means I’m helping to support a small local business and that’s always a good thing in my book! [Source:

You can find CSAs and local farmers’ markets at the Local Harvest website.

For more information on farms in Ohio and the benefits of buying locally, visit the Ohio Farm Bureau’s fact sheet at

Now, I’m off to enjoy the Mexico v France World Cup game. No, don’t tell me who won — I want to watch the tape and find out for myself!

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