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Time to Spare, Go by Air

Travelling in a small plane is sometimes an adventure, mainly because weather plays such a large role in both timing of a trip and whether you can fly at all. Last weekend, we planned to fly to Montgomery, New York and back on Saturday. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Northern Ohio in Winter — A Study in White and Gray

A Rave That Has Nothing to Do with Either Reading or Writing Earlier this week on a semi-clear but cold (16°F) day, The Engineer and I took advantage of the weather and went flying. Our airport boasts of its “weather-tight” hangars, so … Continue reading

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Some Days, You Gotta’ Fly

Rave: Some days, you gotta fly. Or dance. Or garden. Or drink wine. Whatever makes you happy. Yesterday was one of those days. There were a million things I should be doing — laundry,  homework for a workshop next weekend, and posting … Continue reading

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