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Why Romance?

For some NaNoWriMo fun, I’m sharing this post on how to write a romance. I hope you’ll find it an amusing break from your writing efforts. Reblogged on WordPress.com Source: Why Romance?

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Everyone Lives in Their Own World

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The Engineer and I spent the weekend at the Piston Power Show in Cleveland. Their slogan is “If a piston makes it go, it’s in the show.” Unsurprisingly, most of the vehicles on display were cars, but there was also … Continue reading

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In the Beginning. The End.

I like beginnings. Always have. Always will. This carries over to my writing. The beginning of a story comes easily, with the first line or scene floating into my brain. Endings are harder because fiction — unlike life — promises to tie … Continue reading

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Does Not Compute

A Rant — Be warned! I like computers. I like them a lot. I like the way they allow me to get my thoughts down almost as quickly as I think them, and then let me go back and reorder … Continue reading

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Funnily Enough

I write funny books. At least, I try to write funny books. Since I’m not yet published, you’ll have to take my word for it. My critique partners assure me I’m funny — bless their (undoubtedly misguided, exceedingly generous and kind-spirited) … Continue reading

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Addendum to “Don’t Become a Writer — Eleven Reasons Off the Top of My Head”

Reason #12: If you become a writer, you have to learn to write synopses.

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Don’t Become a Writer — Eleven Reasons Off the Top of My Head

Writing cuts into your reading time. If you think your TBR (to be read) pile is big now, multiply it by fifty. Then add a stack of craft books on top, along with a small pile of paperbacks your friends wrote that … Continue reading

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New Eyes: On Finding a Fresh Perspective

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” — Marcel Proust Claude Monet painted in Giverny from 1883 to 1926 (http://tinyurl.com/ld94xqh — Rick Steves’ article), something I’ve always found difficult to comprehend. How anyone … Continue reading

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Do Women Write Better Than Men?

Or do men write better than women? It depends on who you ask. As a librarian whose main job is to select items for people who can’t get to the library, I can tell you reading tastes are highly individualized. … Continue reading

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Stella Ivy Eleanor Juliet Montague, Or How Friends Can Improve Your Writing

This is my bike, a folding Montague (from when they were still co-branding with Schwinn). She’s one of three, usually found dangling on our hangar wall, in the baggage compartment of our plane or tooling around one of the Lake … Continue reading

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