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File Under “Things You’ll Never Catch Me Doing”

  A cyclist climbs one of the many peaks in the Peak District National Park. I’m posting this to keep you entertained while I work on a real RWRR post and catch up from ten days in the UK followed by … Continue reading

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Ancient History or Foundation?

The Engineer and I were recently in England, a place I have been lucky to visit many times with my expatriate hubby. The first time I went, we were strolling around Leamington Spa when I spotted a woman working outside. “Look!” I said.  “She’s hanging … Continue reading

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My Scarf Is a Security Risk

Rant It’s true; when we flew to England this time I learned that my scarf is a security risk, though I’ll admit I don’t understand how this could be so. The only danger I can imagine would be if someone … Continue reading

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Beef or Chicken at 9 am with United Airlines

Rant Abandon expectations all ye who travel. The itinerary said breakfast. That would be the itinerary printed directly from United Airline‘s emailed confirmation of our flights to and from England. Breakfast on the return flight, the document said. That seems … Continue reading

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There’s a Reason I Don’t Write Historical Romance

Writing: The other day I caught a few seconds of an interview on NPR about anachronisms in the recent PBS import of the BBC‘s Downton Abbey. (You can watch a clip of the examples here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzY4ieghO0w or read dictionary editor Ben Zimmer’s article on the … Continue reading

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