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A Rave About Writing. Or Not.

I’ve never been good at seizing the day. I’m more of a weigh-the-pros-and-cons-then-make-a-list kind of girl. But that changes in the summer.

Part of it has to do with the leftover idea that summer vacation is a time to relax. And, of course, living in northern Ohio has an effect on one’s attitude toward sunshine. As in, there isn’t nearly enough to go around,  so you’d better enjoy it while it’s here.

When we get an average of sixty-six sunny days a year (according to World Facts and Figures,, can you blame me for trying to make the most of them?

After all, I’ve got 202 cloudy days to do all those  important things are lurking like a dark cloud on the horizon.   And for further motivation, let’s not forget the sixty-one inches of snowfall that will be here before you know it.  How can I not — to use to use a well-worn but apt expression —  make hay while the sun shines?

My point (and I do have one, in case you’re wondering) is that The Great Myth Conception is not going so great. At this moment, it stands at a piddling 6,556 words.

I’m finding it difficult to settle down to the business of writing.  Sigh.

Well, first, you see, there was that trip to Hawaii, and, really, who can blame me for slacking off then? Then, before you could say “firecracker,” it was the 4th of July and then my daughter’s sixteenth birthday,  followed my big author panel program at work.  Next, my not-quite-eighty-year-old mother moved and broke her hand the same week.

Excuses, all of them. Valid excuses, but excuses nonetheless.  Yes, it’s been a busy summer, but they’re all busy. The real problem has stemmed from finally attempting to write the book that’s been on my mind for two years, and discovering I wasn’t sure where to go with it.

This is the one that has real marketable potential if I just do it right. Yikes! Scary thought.

Happily, I think I’ve finally figured it out. I’ve found my groove. And, as for the sunshine?  I can write outside on my porch.

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