Periods of Dormancy

Rave: Periods of Dormancy
I found another rose-bush in our yard today, the second such discovery I’ve made in the last two years.

Wild Rose #2

Before you jump to any conclusions about me and my husband’s fitness as land owners, I should tell you that we live on just under one and a half wooded acres that we refer to as the “nature conservancy.” Not quite the same as the city lot of our previous houses where we couldn’t miss even a new dandelion.

Also, we regularly turn up treasures left behind by the previous owners — random items like toilets,  bed frames, car parts, toys, bottles and cans, to name just a few.  Today, along with the rose, we discovered the metal springs from a bed (in a different place from where we found the frame), as well as several yards of rusty chicken wire and barbed wire fence.

Still, for someone who fancies herself a gardener, finding one rose was a bit of a shock. Finding two seems to be setting a pattern.

The weird thing is, both bushes were in parts of the yard we use on a regular basis, so it’s not like I wouldn’t have noticed them if they’d been there before.

No, both have been laying dormant for who knows how many years before re-emerging.

Last year, I couldn’t wait to see what kind of rose I’d found (a wild one, as it turned out). This year, I  wondered what had changed to make them reappear.

But I also thought about people and their talents, which can be as dormant as my roses until something stirs that gift back to life.

With me, it was — and I hate to admit it — menopause. After waking up one too many times with hot flashes, characters began popping into my head with a story to tell.

Finally, I gave in and started writing again, after many years spent enjoying fiction solely as a reader.

How about you? Have you ever discovered or re-discovered an interest or talent that was previously dormant? If so, perhaps you’d like to leave a comment telling us about it.


#4054 wild rose (カニナバラ)

#4054 wild rose (カニナバラ) (Photo credit: Nemo’s great uncle)

I hope my new rose looks like this!


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