Cancer Lesson #??: Cancer Makes You Paranoid.

Though this post is from my “Keeping A-Breast: Cancer Lessons” blog, I’m re-posting it on RWRR because it also serves as a rave — as in, “Hooray! My sore elbow is just an inflamed ligament!”

Keeping A-Breast: Cancer Lessons

Cancer Lesson #??: Cancer makes you paranoid.

More than two years have passed since my last chemo, and I’ve been praying for arthritis. Between prayers, I’ve practiced what to say to my family and tried to figure out how to get through another course of treatment.

You see, my elbow has been hurting for over a month now, and I was convinced my cancer had metasizemetastazmetatastiz spread. (Another, less pressing worry, was learning how to spell metastasized.)

The pain isn’t incapacitating, excruciating, or even constant, but it’s consistent.

Did I mention bone pain is the main sign that cancer has metastasized?

At first, I thought, “No problem. I have an appointment coming up. I’ll just ask Dr. H about it then.” Except I wasn’t seeing him until October, and the hurt wasn’t getting any better.

Yesterday, I called and changed the appointment.

Today, one chat with the doc, five…

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2 Responses to Cancer Lesson #??: Cancer Makes You Paranoid.

  1. mirandaliasson says:

    Glad you got good news, Kym! Hope your elbow is okay by now.


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