A Little Storm

Had a little storm last night.

Got caught out in it too.

Hail pelting the car like gravel being thrown from heaven.

Water washing down so I couldn’t see the road.

We were lucky.

Some places the rain washed away the road.

Flooded basements, yards, streets.

Moved cars. Felled trees.

Hinckley Metroparks Roadside

One Side of the Road


Hinckley Metroparks Roadside

And the Other

Hinckley Metroparks

Water Always Wins

Hinckley Metroparks Car Park

After the Storm

Hinckley Metropark Road After April 2014 Storm

Hinckley Metropark Road After April 2014 Storm

Hinckley Metroparks Car Park

After the Storm


Yeah. We had a little storm last night.

Note: Just in case you can’t tell, the pictures above show where the pavement was picked up and moved by the water. Photos taken at Hinckley Metropark the evening after the storm.


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10 Responses to A Little Storm

  1. Barb Heintz says:

    Sorry you had such devatation. We were pretty lucky this time along the lake. Knock on wood. I’m still hearing rumbling out side my window. Stay safe, and pick your feet up.


  2. Marin says:

    Holy cow. It wasn’t nearly as bad here, but then I live on top of a hill. Hope tonight’s storms are milder!


  3. marylou anderson says:

    Ye-es. You all were kind enough to send that monster onto us! So much lightning!
    Yikes! it was hours before poor Ralph got brave enough to creep out from under our bed!
    Tree in our yard collapsed with a loud crack–thankfully no one got hurt; no property damaged–just one more dead tree removed by nature!


  4. Alice Duncan says:

    Yikes! That’s a mess. And we here in SE New Mexico can’t get a drop of rain to save ourselves. There ought to be some way to even these things out.


    • kymlucas says:

      It was crazy, but I realized yesterday and this morning just how lucky we were at my house. Two people were rescued by police at the exit from the freeway near our house. A few minutes later driving home, and it would have been use. Yikes, indeed!


  5. LynneW says:

    So glad you are okay! It was a cold and stormy night (heeeee) at my place, but nothing like what you went through.


  6. kymlucas says:

    We were fine. Didn’t realize how lucky until I saw the mess on Tuesday.


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