I Ate a Squirrel

A Rave About Local Food — extremely local (like from your backyard) 

Actually, I ate a few bites of squirrel. And some groundhog too.

You see, I was at the Burning River Festival in Cleveland, and one of the food demonstrations (put on by the Fresh Fork Cafe) was called “Rabbits, and Groundhogs, and Squirrels, Oh My!: Tips on backyard trapping and tasting of squirrel stew.” (Go here for more info on the festival: http://tinyurl.com/k4h6fdv .)

I realized a long time ago that opportunities to try something new don’t present themselves often so I tamped down my squeamishness and took a bite.

Stifle the groan, will ya? They were delicious. Which goes a long way toward supporting my theory that you can make anything taste good if you use enough onions and garlic.

Still, I would have been a complete failure as a frontier woman. When the presenters began talking about skinning and butchering, I tuned them out and ate some zucchini.




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