When I Grow Old … .

A Rave About Getting Old

When I get older, I want to be like my mom.

Yesterday, we went out to lunch for her eighty-fourth birthday, which she enjoyed. But truthfully, she was more thrilled by the Solitaire app I downloaded on her Nook.

Seriously, I had to remind her to eat her soup.

Afterwards, we took an accidentally circuitous route to a small town nearby and popped into the library and a few shops.

It was a lovely day.

But the reason I want to be like Mom when I get older has more to do with the text she sent me last night. It said (and I’m pretty sure she won’t mind me sharing), “Just wanted to let u know I got 6 beautiful red roses from my friend J—– (don’t get any ideas — he was born in 1964) but we r friends.”

Not bad for a Nook reading, Solitaire-playing, texting, 84-year-old great grandma, eh?

Here she is holding our library’s “One Book, One Community” book, Wonder and looking not a day over seventy.


Happy Birthday, Mom. Hoping for many more.

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"Taking care not to take love too seriously." Writer of smart, fresh, contemporary romance and women's fiction. Blogging about writing, reading, and more recently, dealing with the ins and outs of breast cancer.
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4 Responses to When I Grow Old … .

  1. Sam Byrd says:

    Want an awesome blog post. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read it. Sam


  2. That was fantastic. You are truly blessed. I miss my mom so much! Your mom sounds amazing. I’m stopping now since the tears are rolling down my cheeks.


  3. kymlucas says:

    Sheri, I’m so sorry to make you cry, and I do know that every day we still have her is a blessing. Thanks for the nice comment.


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