The Will to Live

Earlier this summer, city workers in a nearby town  chopped down a bunch of trees along a roadside.

This wasn’t as terrible an act as it sounds. The trees weren’t big or old, and I remember reading in the paper they were infested, probably by the Emerald Ash Borer, an insect that has been chomping through Ohio.

But a few weeks ago, I noticed many of the stumps have new growth, as if a mere insect or even a chain saw couldn’t eradicate those trees’ wills to live.

Well. I just love that.

If a tree, which is supposedly a simple organism, can exhibit such strength and determination, what kind of growth might you and I be capable of?



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"Taking care not to take love too seriously." Writer of smart, fresh, contemporary romance and women's fiction. Blogging about writing, reading, and more recently, dealing with the ins and outs of breast cancer.
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6 Responses to The Will to Live

  1. Tela says:

    Wonderful post- and just what I needed to read! ❤️


  2. Sam Byrd says:

    I think there is a SERMON in there somewhere!!!!


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