Ideas That Go Bump in the Night Revisited

There must be something about this time of year that causes me to become slightly unhinged — at least in my dreams. If you read my post from 4 February last year, you’ll understand what I mean. If you haven’t, here’s the link:

Read it, and you’ll get what I mean by unhinged. My subconscious is a wild and woolly thing.

But back to last night — I didn’t sleep well, mostly because I’d stayed up trying to hone the perfect synopsis for a book submission. (And yes, I do hear all you other writers snorting at the sight of the words “perfect” and “synopsis” next to each other.)

When I got up this morning, my Misfit Flash informed me that I’d slept a total of four hours and fifty minutes, with two hours and four minutes of that being deep sleep, a morsel of information I could have functioned without. What it didn’t say was I woke up with a new book scene in my head — complete with dialogue — because I’d just dreamt it.

This has happened before, and as I stumbled toward the tea kettle, I took a moment to write it down. This has happened before, and I knew if I didn’t get it down immediately, the words would vanish  as the coherent thoughts of morning filled my mind.

I’ll admit the scene would be more helpful if it was for my current work in progress rather than number five on my project list, but I’ll take inspiration from anywhere, at any time, for any book I have planned.

What was the scene about? I’ll give you two lines of dialogue. See if you can guess.

Him: “Come on. You know you want to.”

Her: (nodding) “You’re right. I do.”

Since I write humor, you know what he thinks she wants and what she wants are not the same thing. He’s in for a rather unpleasant surprise — as he deserves for even thinking the words “You know you want to.”

There’s more, but you’ll have to wait for the book. 🙂


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"Taking care not to take love too seriously." Writer of smart, fresh, contemporary romance and women's fiction. Blogging about writing, reading, and more recently, dealing with the ins and outs of breast cancer.
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2 Responses to Ideas That Go Bump in the Night Revisited

  1. marinmcginnis says:

    I am very impressed that you remember entire scenes. I come up with ideas in my sleep, but I NEVER remember them. I tried putting a notepad next to my bed for jotting ideas, but they never made any sense. 🙂


  2. kymlucas says:

    Don’t be too impressed. I think it only works if I’m so tired that I don’t completely wake up — a bit like a fugue state, I think.


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