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“Hillbilly Elegy” is the story of Vance’s predominantly Scotch-Irish family, who migrated from Kentucky to Middletown, Ohio to find work, and took their hillbilly culture with them. His grandfather worked in the Armco steel mill. My grandparents — who also had Scotch-Irish blood (mixed with German) — made a similar migration for work, from West Virginia to Massillon, Ohio. My grandfather got a job in a steel mill.

My husband, The Engineer, sometimes works in Middletown at the same mill (now AK Steel) that once employed Vance’s Papaw.

Clearly, this was the story of my people.

Except it wasn’t. Continue reading

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Aviation: It’s Not Just a Hobby, It’s an Adventure!

Rave Some sights from our trip home from Oshkosh. Glad we didn’t have to take off after this guy. His wake turbulence would have blown us away. Some Birds’ Eye Views of Chicago   What’s missing from this picture? Look carefully, … Continue reading

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Ohio City Bicycle Co-op: A Cleveland Wonder

A Rave My family tends to accumulate bicycles. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I tend to accumulate bikes, which tends to drive The Engineer crazy. You see, I love bikes, and I love getting a bargain, so when I see a … Continue reading

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Do It Because You Can: Riding the Rails to Trails Conservancy Greenway Sojourn Bicycle Tour

A Rant and a Rave  A lot of people think it’s crazy to spend a vacation bicycling forty miles a day, sleeping in a tent, then getting up in the morning to do it again. There are others who are think forty miles a … Continue reading

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Stella Ivy Eleanor Juliet Montague, Or How Friends Can Improve Your Writing

This is my bike, a folding Montague (from when they were still co-branding with Schwinn). She’s one of three, usually found dangling on our hangar wall, in the baggage compartment of our plane or tooling around one of the Lake … Continue reading

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A Little Storm

Had a little storm last night. Got caught out in it too. Hail pelting the car like gravel being thrown from heaven. Water washing down so I couldn’t see the road. We were lucky. Some places the rain washed away the road. Flooded basements, … Continue reading

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File Under “Things You’ll Never Catch Me Doing”

  A cyclist climbs one of the many peaks in the Peak District National Park. I’m posting this to keep you entertained while I work on a real RWRR post and catch up from ten days in the UK followed by … Continue reading

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My Decoupage Shoes: Proof I Am a Word Geek

Rave: You know I love words.  So when my friend and I decided to decoupage shoes, I knew exactly what material I’d be using. My shoes would be covered with words. Fun words like “palaver” and “galoot” and “conniption.” Delicious words like “cake” and … Continue reading

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Ancient History or Foundation?

The Engineer and I were recently in England, a place I have been lucky to visit many times with my expatriate hubby. The first time I went, we were strolling around Leamington Spa when I spotted a woman working outside. “Look!” I said.  “She’s hanging … Continue reading

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Second Lives: A Way to Enrich Your Characters (and Yourself)

A Rave About Writing We spent this weekend at a Piston Power show. Not my normal habitat, I know, but we were invited to show our airplane. This is a bit unusual because our Cessna 182 Skylane is not a … Continue reading

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