Twelve Things Most Men Will Never Need to Worry About

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A Rant and a Rave — Oh, heck, let’s just call this an observation.

The other night I was baking bread, and when I opened the oven to get out the loaf, I could feel my mascara melt.This isn’t a big deal — it happens all the time with no permanent damage — but for some reason this time I thought, “You know, D. (my husband) never has to worry about this.”

This made me think about all the other things women deal with that D. — and most men — will never have to worry their pretty heads about.

Now before my male readers get all “het up,” as my West Virginia born dad used to say, let me say I know full well that there are some unpleasant things men experience on a regular basis that I have never considered.  In the name of better understanding,  I hope you’ll share those by leaving a comment. Alternatively, if you feel I missed something, feel free to leave your thoughts too.

So here they are, in no particular order, twelve things most men will never need to worry about.

1. The odd feeling when you open the door to a hot oven and feel your mascara melt, clumping your lashes together.
2. Getting pregnant.
3. The splash-filled joy of using the toilet in the middle of the night and discovering someone left the seat up.
4. Being required to wear a veil in a fundamentalist Muslim country.
5. Getting pregnant.
6. Worrying about whether or not you have lipstick on your teeth.
7. Getting pregnant. Though I realize giving birth is a blessing, it’s also a worry — such a big one in fact, that it deserves more than the three places I’ve given it.
8. Hot flashes. In fact, all of menopause.
9. Morning sickness, labor, and all the other lovely side effects of pregnancy – not to mention the after-effects. I won’t go into detail. Trust me, you really don’t want to know.  And yes, this gets a separate mention.
8. Whether or not to breastfeed.
9.The two invasive (but necessary – oh so necessary) procedures known as the Pap smear and the mammogram.
10. Rape.

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