Addendum to Cancer Lesson #58: Prepare to Be Nicknamed Curly

Rave: Still curly! 

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"Taking care not to take love too seriously." Writer of smart, fresh, contemporary romance and women's fiction. Blogging about writing, reading, and more recently, dealing with the ins and outs of breast cancer.
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4 Responses to Addendum to Cancer Lesson #58: Prepare to Be Nicknamed Curly

  1. dropjohn says:

    Hey, at least it came back dark! Mine came in gray and black (mousy brown naturally), and substantially thinner…


    • kymlucas says:

      Bummer! I won’t say it’s coming back fast at all — it’s still only a few inches long, and I finished chemo 10 months ago. Still, I guess we should be grateful to have hair! And, you can’t tell by the picture, but there’s a lot more squirrely gray hairs than there used to be.


  2. dropjohn says:

    It *is* a lot slower than ‘normal’ hair growth – I finished about the same time you did (late August 2011) and mine’s still wicked short. As for the color – well, there’s always Manic Panic!


    • kymlucas says:

      I keep thinking, “Does it just look short because it’s so curly?” But, no, it is that short. AND curly!

      Ah well, at least we’ve got hair. And it’s great to have more than six eyelashes!


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