Anti-Valentine’s Day Once More

Rave: A Compendium of Anti-Valentine’s Day Sites
This year, I’m taking the easy way out and sharing everybody else’s cool ideas. Enjoy!

Puritan Valentines — Okay, they’re not officially “Anti-Valentine” but they might as well be. Here’s my favorite.


For more, check out the College Humor website:

There are Anti-Valentine Gifts, like this one from

I don’t think so either. For a complete shopping list with all the sites:

Here’s Huffington Post’s suggestions for music, including the ever-popular “Love Hurts,”
Personally, I think Jimmy Buffett captured the true Anti-Valentine spirit right here

As always, Hipster cards, while not strictly anti-Valentine, certainly provides some unusual options.

1666You can find Anti-Valentine crafts  — like Ex Voodoo dolls and heart beet brownies — here: and a slew of other ideas here:

Another idea is a duct tape rose made, of course, in black or red and black as below.

Anti-Valentine's Day Party: Duct Tape Rose

Anti-Valentine’s Day Party: Duct Tape Rose (Photo credit: San José Library)

And, it wouldn’t be Anti-Valentine’s Day without mentioning, the true home of the holiday. They have loads of funny cards like this one.someoneelse 

So, eat chocolate, drink wine, make voodoo dolls of your ex, listen to crappy music, and remember, it’s really just another day.

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