I Geek Words

A rave about words, both written and read

My library has been running a promotion called “Geek out at your library,” asking patrons and staff members to complete the sentence “I geek_______________.”

Thanks to Darling Daughter,  the concepts of self-identifying as a nerd or geek, and using “geek” as a verb are not alien to me.  She has long been a self-proclaimed nerd who geeks many interesting things.

Taken at BarCamp London 7

Taken at BarCamp London 7 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Geek 1.0 VS Geek 2.0

Geek 1.0 VS Geek 2.0 (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

If you don’t have a young adult to explain, I’ll fill you in. “I geek” is similar to the seventies phrase, “I dig..” It means “to love, to live for, to be obsessed with.”

At least that’s my definition.
And, for the record, I was a child in the seventies — a very young child. I’ve never used the words “I dig” in my life.

Anyway, every library branch in our system has a big black board with a white pen for people to use to fill in that blank.

I subbed in one branch and wrote “Aviation,” which is true, but not as true for me as it is for The Engineer and Darling Daughter.

In my home building, I wrote “Writing.” Close, but still not quite right.

Finally, in a blast of inspiration, it came to me, as plain as the posts in my blog, the feed on my Twitter and the statuses (stati?) on my Facebook account.

I write about words. I read words. I share new words, old words, funny words, weird words. Words like honeyfuggle, bumfuzzle, wallydraigle and resplendant.

I geek words!

What do you geek?


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4 Responses to I Geek Words

  1. Pat says:

    I geek quilts!


  2. marylou anderson says:

    Gary Larson! The Far Side!
    Most Geeky T-shirt ever–the Far Side cartoon of the kid carrying books and struggling to open a door into his school: sign on door reads PULL to OPEN—the kid is pushing on it……was my son’s favorite shirt!
    I geek photography & painting.


  3. kymlucas says:

    I remember that cartoon! Could have been me, I think! I know you geek painting, otherwise your cards couldn’t be so lovely! 🙂


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