Addendum to “Ignore the Snow”

Rant: The “ignore the snow” tactic isn’t working.
Yes, I’m getting a little boring on the subject of snow.
That’s because all this snow has become more than a little boring.

A Photo of the Season We Ohioans Loosely Refer to as "Spring"

A Photo of the Season We Ohioans Loosely Refer to as “Spring”

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4 Responses to Addendum to “Ignore the Snow”

  1. I wish I could like this multiple times. I live at the beach in the Mid-Atlantic region. It rarely snows, except this year it snowed all the time, and a lot each time. I hate snow now.


  2. kymlucas says:

    I know exactly how you feel. We are used to a lot of snow here, but this year has been like the winters I remember from my childhood — never seeing the ground beneath the blanket of white. Last night’s snow was so thick and wet and slushy — like a fall snow — made me think we’re just going to skip spring and summer and go right back into winter.


  3. marylou anderson says:

    Has it gone away yet? –Oh look, it melted-melted- melted-melted—
    Humph. I guess we’re all good little girls then sine we used no water to melt it-just sunshine and 40 degrees! Baseball’s Opening Day tomorrow–YAY ! SO the snow must retreat the Boys of Summer are back for a repeat–we hope!


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