Aviation: It’s Not Just a Hobby, It’s an Adventure!

Some sights from our trip home from Oshkosh.


C17 Oshkosh

Glad we didn’t have to take off after this guy.
His wake turbulence would have blown us away.


How Would You Like to See This Coming at You?



Cessna and C17

Big Plane, Little Plane

Oshkosh North 40

The End of Oshkosh — Only a Few Planes Left

Interesting Building Outside Chicago

Interesting Building Outside Chicago

Some Birds’ Eye Views of Chicago

Chicago Skyline from the Air


Chicago Skyline from the Air

Navy Pier from the Air

Navy Pier

Chicago from the Air

The Former Meigs Field

This was an airport until Mayor Daly got his hands on it. Now it’s an empty field with an empty lake.

Back Home

Back Home

What’s missing from this picture? Look carefully, and you’ll see there’s no way for us to get to our house. Since Akron was socked in by a storm, we couldn’t land there, which meant we couldn’t get the car I’d left when I flew commercial to Appleton. Lucky for us, a guy at the airport lent us his truck to get home. 🙂




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2 Responses to Aviation: It’s Not Just a Hobby, It’s an Adventure!

  1. marylou anderson says:

    great pics,Kim.
    Is that fog over Chicago or just hot summer haze?
    Love the pics of the C-17
    Best part of living near PIT is having it take off nearby–the sound even from where I am is loud and the window shake—
    she looks like a humongous lumbering elephant….groaning as she gains speed…..then…up, wobble up she goes….
    The KC-135’s loaded for work are also great to have flying overhead esp practicing touch & go—-
    but hey fun to have them based here.
    Keep my nephew in your thoughts and prayers along with his VFA-81 squadron mates, the rest of the sailors, airmen and marines aboard the USS Carl Vinson.


    • kymlucas says:

      It was haze, which disappeared as we got close. I know what you mean about the big planes. Seems almost surreal that they can even get off the ground — kind of like a Canada Goose!

      Will keep your nephew and his buddies in my prayers.



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