My Decoupage Shoes: Proof I Am a Word Geek

Word Geek Decoupage Shoes

Word Geek Decoupage Shoes

Rave: You know I love words.  So when my friend and I decided to decoupage shoes, I knew exactly what material I’d be using.

My shoes would be covered with words.

Fun words like “palaver” and “galoot” and “conniption.” Delicious words like “cake” and “gateau.” Wordy words like “verbiage” and “equivocation,” with lots of other words in-between.

You can see my clogs are still a little rough around the edges. That’s because I couldn’t wait to share them even though they’re not finished. But after a few more coats of goop, followed by sealant, they’ll be ready to take to the road.

And, yes, I’m counting on the fact that no one is going to look this closely at my footwear.

Still, I think they’ll look pretty darned trendy.

They’ll certainly be unique.

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2 Responses to My Decoupage Shoes: Proof I Am a Word Geek

  1. I LOVE them! I’ve been thinking about making a pair of “writer” shoes too. Were there any unexpected surprises? Any lessons learned?


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